It was a scary couple of hours for Roger Federer who was going through momentum shifts in his opener on Tuesday against Adrian Mannarino. However, the Swiss Star advanced into the second round due to the Frenchman retiring before the start of the final set. Mannarino, who turned 33-years-old on Tuesday slipped and fell on the slippery grass, enduring a right knee injury.

Afterwards, it was all smiles and confusion for Federer who did not understand a certain phrase during his on-court interview:

“Is it true what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder being back here?” asked the interviewer.

A confused Federer hesitated before saying, “Sorry, I didn’t understand it” to the laughter of the crowd. Even after hearing it repeated, the father of four still did not fully comprehend the phrase; “I don’t understand that saying. My English is not good enough!” he said, sending the crowd into uproarious laughter.

The man has 20 Grand Slams, he can certainly be excused for not being 100% fluent in English phrases.

Federer is set to play Richard Gasquet in the second round. He holds a dominating 18-2 record over the Frenchman.