Winning Roland Garros an unbelievable 13 times comes with a few perks. Rafael Nadal now has a statue of himself at the clay-court major right next to the new general public entrance and it also comes with answering fan questions. The Spaniard sat down with the Roland Garros social team to talk about nature and if it helps him do better on the match court.

“I have always been close to nature, especially to the ocean...I like to go out and enjoy the ocean in every way,” he said. The 20-time major champion loves being out in the ocean and enjoying his beautiful 80-foot yacht with family and friends. He believes it does help to rejuvenate him both mentally and physically for when he takes the court.

Next, one fan was lucky enough to get a signed photo from the Spaniard who walked out alongside him for his 2014 Roland Garros final. "It was the best day of my life" the French girl stated. Nadal signed the photo of the two walking onto the court with a sweet message to the girl. Perhaps she now has a new best day of her life?

Nadal will take on Novak Djokovic in the semifinals on Friday.