Medical timeouts, meldonium histories and medicinal records? Yawn. Wedgies? Ahoy! Finally, it's here, the muckraking tennis journalism everyone has been waiting for.

Billing him as "arguably the most famous underwear adjuster in history," GQ went so far as to overtly ask Rafael Nadal just why he picks at his Roland Garros-loving derriere so much between points. His answer, in short: "I cannot change."

The web Q & A did give him the opportunity to pitch his Tommy Hilfiger endorsement, so there is that.


Of note, Nadal has been relatively buttoned up by comparison in the latest stretch of his latest Hilfiger campaign:

Still, "I cannot change"? Bless his Mallorcan heart. Seriously. God grant him the serenity to change the things he can, the ability to accept those he can't (such as this), and the wisdom to know the difference. Or whatever.

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