If there is one instance when athlete activism has a tangible impact on the world outside sports, I hope that it's about gun control in the United States.

The latest disgusting and heartbreaking act of terror occurred last Tuesday, when 19 children and two teachers were killed in Uvalde, Texas with an AR-15 rifle. With these appalling events continuing to occur, and with no end in sight, it is repulsive that weapons like the AR-15 are permitted to be legally purchased.

Ten years ago, I wrote about the similar bloodshed that took place in Newtown, Conn. That occurred about 20 minutes from my home, but what happened in southern Texas hurts just the same. Obviously, I am not the only one feeling this pain.

I used to love going to the movies, now on the rare occasion I do go I always feel my heart clench and my palms become sweaty every time I see a person enter the theater while the movie is ongoing. Naomi Osaka


On Sunday, Naomi Osaka posted her thoughts on Twitter about the maddening "terrible cycle" we are in, and how it's impacting her:

Surely at some stage you do something different ... You can't keep approaching the problem by buying more guns and having more guns in the country. Andy Murray


Andy Murray spoke about the issue two days later. The Scot is as qualified to talk about gun violence as anyone; as a 9-year-old in Dunblane, he was at school when a gunman entered and killed 16 students and a teacher.

On video, Murray expressed his anger and position:

Credit to Osaka and Murray for saying things that need to be said. But given this inconceivable impasse the U.S. finds itself in, we remain stuck in this living nightmare. Wake up, America.