Naomi Osaka celebrated the release of her eponymous docuseries on Friday, sharing a message with fans along with the poster for Naomi Osaka, which is available to stream on Netflix.

“In light of everything that happened recently I was terrified of this being released,” Osaka admitted on social media. “This is a look into my life from certain time periods and I can’t fight the feeling of wondering how it will be received.”

Naomi Osaka follows the former world No. 1 as she makes a tumultuous transition into tennis superstardom, from her 2019 US Open title defense to her triumphant victory the following year.


“This is in some ways my soul and a reflection of who I am,” Osaka writes. “I hope there are pieces that people can relate to and maybe other pieces that would help people understand why I make the choices I make.”

Osaka has largely taken a social media sabbatical since withdrawing from Roland Garros and Wimbledon in an effort to protect her mental health. Though that struggle isn’t explicitly addressed in Naomi Osaka, viewers get a chance to see some of the whirlwind Osaka has experienced in the last two years, including her heartbreaking reaction to mentor Kobe Bryant’s death.

“I’m supposed to carry on his mentality in tennis,” she says the night after his passing, holding back tears.

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