Naomi Osaka is no stranger to the fashion world. The four-time Grand Slam champion is constantly partnering with top brands such as Levis, Frankies Bikinis, and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few. In fact, Osaka made her Met Gala debut wearing Louis Vuitton, but the dress was unlike any other the style icon has worn.

She helped bring the dress that paid tribute to her Japanese and Haitian heritage to life. Collaborating with her older sister Mari and designer Nicolas Ghesquière, the group pulled off her boldest statement outfit yet. The custom corset dress that features Koi fish and shades of blue and purple is a nod to the sisters Japanese background.

Playing off the Met Gala's theme, "American Independence" the sisters thought about the diversity and immigrants that make up America and were excited to create a dress that highlights this.


"When we first heard of the theme we thought of immigrants: they are what created America from the start and the blend of so many cultures and languages is what makes this country unique," Mari wrote on Instagram. "This dress and look is a representation of that as a blend of both our Japanese and Haitian roots."

Mari told Vogue the process was an absolute honor to be a part of and she enjoyed celebrating the rich diversity of communities in America through fashion. From the concept to end result, Ghesquière was also completely on board with their vision.

“Naomi and Mari represent strong voices and values. I am honored to have collaborated with them on this dress that marries our respective cultural and aesthetic heritage. We had a common desire throughout this process to celebrate the ideal of the America we all aspire to," Ghesquière told Vogue.

Osaka is an ambassador for Louis Vuitton and from the very beginning expressed her desire of being involved in the design process. For her very first co-designed piece to be worn at the Met Gala is a "dream come true" for the world No.5.

"The fact that Nicolas, Mari, and I could come together bringing this to life is something I am very honored to be a part of," Naomi said.