Naomi Osaka and KINLÒ are officially in business!

The 23-year-old’s passion project has finally come to fruition in the form of a skincare brand. KINLÒ was created due to Osaka’s own experience with her skin and what she wanted to change about it. The company focuses on melanated skin and how to correctly care for it despite common misconceptions about black and brown skin tones and sun damage.


Thanks to her sport, Osaka grew up in the sun, and still spends a significant amount of time in it. As a person of color, there was never much emphasis placed on protecting her skin from the sun, but she realized the need for products that would help nourish and shield. As a nod to Osaka’s Japanese and Haitian heritage, KINLÒ is a word derived from both cultures that means “gold.” It’s fitting given the mission of the brand, which is to treat your skin like treasure while staying protected.

KINLÒ products combine all natural ingredients, and as the founder and CEO, Osaka has turned to dermatologist Dr. Naana Boakye to guarantee that they are delivering only the best. The products were designed to keep doing their job even through physical activity, something that the world No. 3 knows a thing or two about. It was also important to Osaka to make the KINLÒ brand accessible to all, so each product is priced at under $20.

“Bringing KINLÒ to life was a personal and professional goal of mine. I am thrilled that my first entrepreneurial endeavor will be something meaningful to my community,” Osaka said in a press release.

It’s heartening to know that while the four-time Grand Slam champion takes a break from tennis, she’s still fulfilling goals that make her truly happy.

KINLÒ is available now at