Four-time Grand Slam winner Naomi Osaka stepped off the tennis court and visited the set of Sesame Street to teach Elmo and the gang about skincare and the importance of sunscreen in a brand new episode.

Osaka stopped by to give the muppets a tennis lesson. But first, she explained why it’s important to follow sun safety precautions, including wearing a visor and putting on sunscreen, even for those with Black or brown skin.

“See, everybody’s skin has something called melanin in it,” Osaka explained. When Segi, a Black muppet, asked whether she also needed sunscreen, the Haitian-Japanese player responded, “People with dark skin like you and me have lots of it… We all have different amounts of melanin in our skin. That’s why our skin comes with so many different colors.”


Naomi Osaka snaps a selfie with Elmo after appearing on an episode of Sesame Street.

Naomi Osaka snaps a selfie with Elmo after appearing on an episode of Sesame Street.

Getting the word out about the importance of skincare for everyone is part of Osaka’s personal mission. Last year, the former World No. 1 launched Kinlò, a sun- and skincare line specially formulated for melanated skin types. Kinlò also makes public education about skin protection a top priority.

“It wasn’t enough to make products that didn’t turn our dark skin white and didn’t have harsh chemicals,” Osaka described in Women’s Health magazine. “I also wanted to dispel the myth that just because you have dark skin and don’t burn means you don’t need to take care of and protect that skin.”

With their sunscreen applied and their visors on, Osaka and the muppets gang were ready for their tennis lesson. You can watch the full Sesame Street episode on HBO Max.

Osaka herself will likely be taking her own tips to heart as she continues the start of the season in sunny Australia. The World No. 13 reached the semifinals in Melbourne before withdrawing due to an abdominal injury, as she now prepares for her Australian Open title defense.