WATCH: TenniStory: Rick Macci


Over the course of his lengthy and decorated coaching career that's spanned five decades, Rick Macci trained five players who went on to become world No. 1: Jennifer Capriati, Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and Venus Williams.

But Macci's influence hasn't only been felt at the top of world tennis, and that fact is now apparent with the release of a new book titled "Billion Dollar Mind," written by Macci and Harvard University-educated neurologist Dr. Nivedita Uberoi Jerath.

A former top-ranked junior player in the U.S., Uberoi Jerath counts Macci, now 68, as a mentor; their book connects her professional experiences in neurology with his patented, motivational teachings to strengthen the mind-body connection. A native of Augusta, Ga., Uberoi Jerath calls the book "a guide that unveils the key principles to fortify the mind and enables individuals to overcome mental paralysis and reach their highest potential."

She credits her experience with Macci, and the lessons she learned at his eponymous tennis academy, which he founded in 1985, with setting her on a path for success in life.

“I found him to be focused and intelligent,” Uberoi Jerath says. “I had found a tennis coach to help me reach the next level. I joined his academy in South Florida and immediately began to learn more than I expected. I just marveled at the honesty, sincerity, extreme kindness, genuineness, and passion Rick and his team had to make tennis players better.

"I could barely get to the court in those days after long hours of training, and he was starting as early as 4:00 a.m. and had so much energy and positivity. It made me so motivated and competitive. I recognized he was someone I could look up to as a player and as a person. He is like the sun that doesn’t stop shining.

"If I wasn't going to be a top player on the pro tour, it was important to change directions and go into a field that I could master. His lessons changed my life. He is champion of champions.”


"Billion Dollar Mind" isn't Macci's first foray into the written word; he's also penned another motivational book entitled "Macci Magic: Extracting Greatness From Yourself and Others," with a forward by Roddick, and hosts a podcast entitled "Game, Set, Life: Serving Lessons to the World."