Even if Wilson isn’t always changing the composition of their frames, they’re constantly giving makeovers to some of its most popular models. Just as they did for Roland Garros, to celebrate the US Open, Wilson is releasing two of its leading frames—the Blade 98 (16x19) and Clash 100—with intricate “NYC City Map” designs. The Clash sports a white base to represent the “Day” sessions, while the Blade carries a dark “Night” theme. Distinctive looks aside, the frames have the exact same specs and playability as the standard in-line models.

For the US Open Blade ($229) that means matching the upcoming eighth version of the franchise. The racquet is a favorite of tournament players for its blend of dependability and feel. This latest continues to possess the unique flexibility and stability technology originated in the previous generation, which is now called FortyFive. A new wrinkle in this model is the fusing of the butt cap directly to the handle—dubbed DirectConnect—for improved feedback and torsional stability.

The US Open Clash 100 ($249) is a more user-friendly frame for a wider audience. The racquet is noted for its innovative bending properties that give the frame superior flexibility and arm-friendly comfort, while still delivering top-notch power and stability.

Both limited edition collectibles are now available on-site at Wilson’s US Open store, and select retailers.