The day in the life of a tennis player is far from ordinary. It's not just jetting off to exotic destinations, playing tennis and enjoying local cuisines. For the top doubles pair, Nikola Mektic and Mate Pavic it's all about executing the details in their particular routines, while enjoying a good laugh with each other.

The Croats took fans on a journey through their daily life on tour during last season's National Bank Open in Toronto. The pair start their day off with a light game of soccer to warm up their bodies, before stretching and heading to the gym.

Fans often forget that players are humans and not robots. Pavic and Mektic showed that although they are professional athletes, it's important to keep things fun. Following their workout they made their way to the player's lounge and sat down for a game of UNO. Apparently, even world No. 1s can't get enough of the card game.

The two then got to work by kicking off their practice session indoors due to rain, but eventually made their way outdoors and even dried their own court using towels.

"Anything to hit some balls," Pavic said. "It's important to practice every day because we need that repetition.

In the end, the amount of dedication and hard work shows in their incredible results, but their ability to have fun and enjoy the small moments together only contributes to their success.