The crowd in Lexington on Tuesday for Serena Williams' first match since the shutdown was small... very, very small. With no fans on site for the Top Seed Open, and no stadium court for players to compete on, Serena has adapted to the new normal of playing only in front of her family and team.

"It was a really calm atmosphere, it was really chill. I can't say I disliked it at all," Serena said in post-match press. "I kind of didn't mind it, it was different, I've been through so many things in my career and this was totally different. I think I won today because I was calm for once in my career."

It reminded her of the very start of her career as the simple setup is very much like one you'd see at junior or low-level pro events. The small group of fans did include one notable face: her two-year-old Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.


Olympia "watches"  
mom Serena win 
in Lexington

Olympia "watches" mom Serena win in Lexington

Olympia sitting with her dad, Alexis Ohanian, during Serena's match on Tuesday. (Getty)

While Serena said she wasn't watching what her daughter was up to during her rollercoaster 4-6, 6-4, 6-1 win over Bernard Pera, she certainly was listening.

"I didn't even look over there," Serena said in a post-match press conference. "I think I heard her cough though, I know my baby's cough. She was drinking, and she was eating grapes. And I'm then like, oh my gosh is she chewing? Make sure you chew."

Olympia was sitting with her father Alexis Ohanian and every time the cameras swung her way she was either quietly playing on an iPhone or clapping for her mom. But Serena's mind was on the grapes.

"Then I'm thinking OK Serena stop looking over there," she said. "So I didn't look over there but I kind of flashed my husband a look like make sure she's chewing her grapes because she shouldn't be coughing while she's eating grape. That's the new mom in me and it's good."

The new mom now awaits the winner of her sister Venus Williams and Victoria Azarenka.