The "Open Canvas" exhibit at this year's US Open

Under the umbrella of the Be Open initiative which celebrates diversity and inclusion through its various ongoing projects, is the "Open Canvas." At this year's US Open the USTA and US Open brought underrepresented artists to the main stage by giving them a platform that reflects their own unique experiences through art.

Just outside of Arthur Ashe Stadium the artwork was displayed during all two weeks of the major event in Flushing Meadows. Tennis fans from around the world had the opportunity to view the beautiful exhibit and learn about each piece. Even actor Benjamin Bratt stopped by and was absolutely loving the experience.


Following the two-week showcase, the organizations decided to auction off each piece of artwork with the proceeds going to the USTA Foundation and each artist's charity of choice.

The USTA Foundation provides free or low cost tennis and education opportunities to 50 of the largest markets in the U.S. to those in need. The foundation nurtures future leaders and champions by giving them access to all the tools necessary to succeed on the court and in the classroom.

There's only a couple more days left of the auction which is set to end on September 22. The original and impactful works of art can be found here.