As Naomi Osaka is finding out, it’s good to be in the circle of Ellen DeGeneres.

Osaka, who just turned 21, received a special birthday shout-out by way of Twitter from the superstar talk-show host.


The notoriously shy world No. 4, who revealed how actor Michael B. Jordan was her celebrity crush when she appeared on DeGeneres’ show, replied in true Osaka fashion.


That little Twitter exchange didn’t exactly go unnoticed, though, as the Black Panther star chimed in, with the offer of a special gift for Osaka.

After overcoming her state of disbelief that all this was happening, the US Open champ said she was up for it.


Creed 2 bows in late November, so Osaka’s calendar should be clear. If not, she’ll make sure it is, it seems. All of this just goes to show, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that’s important.

Ellen DeGeneres: making things happen since 2003.

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