Naomi Osaka hasn't taken a break since winning her third major title at this year's US Open. The 23 year old has been busy advocating for social justices, spreading light on racism and launching her first-ever signature apparel line with Nike, just to name a few.

Most recently, Osaka announced she is I-D Japan's newest guest editor. The Grand Slam champion joined forces with the fashion and contemporary culture magazine to help showcase young Japanese, and how they are pushing to create a better future for Japan.


Osaka's contributions as a guest editor are all a part of the magazine's special issue called "Future Chasers: Class of 2021." The  issue aims to dive deep into hard-hitting topics and focuses on how to create a better Japan, where people feel more accepted, confident and optimistic.

Despite an intense year full of extreme highs and lows, Osaka opens up about how much she has grown as a person.

"I've been scared at times, but I've also found strength in myself that I wasn't sure I had," Osaka wrote on her latest Instagram post. "I found my voice to speak up on behalf of people that need it. I learned to love and listen to myself. Not to mention, I played some pretty great tennis in the thick of it all."

The world No. 3 also stated that using her voice to create the future she wants to see is difficult and often a lonely road. She hopes to inspire many by telling the stories of other future chasers and how they are making a difference.

"I want this special issue to show future chasers everywhere that they're not alone. I want to inspire you all with their stories just like they inspired me," Osaka wrote.

Osaka told her fans via Instagram to stay tuned and that more will be coming soon.