Odds are, if you enjoy a court sport that involves swinging something to hit a ball, there was something for you during this week's special event at Reserve Padel in Miami. Not only was the burgeoning sport of padel involved, but also red-hot pickleball—as well two world-class professional tennis players.

Ons Jabeur and Taylor Fritz did what so many tennis players have done over the past few years: not look as good when they trade in their racquets for paddles. But that's part of the fun of these alternative court sports.

The event, emceed by Tennis Channel's Prakash Amritraj, saw Jabeur and Fritz compete alongside both padel players from Reserve Padel and pickleball players from the Miami Pickleball Club, in a four-match—two padel, two pickleball—series to determine the winner.


But while Team Ons and Team Taylor were the actual competitors in this mixed competition, actual Jabeur and Fritz were the stars of the show.

How did they fare? Here's Ons' perspective:

You know, I killed it.

How about her fellow tennis colleague, Fritz?

I usually don't like to talk s**t about players.

Well, then.