Tennis Channel Athlete Analyst Paulo Dybala is back, this time answering fan questions. The Argentinian soccer superstar sat down first to reflect on Roland Garros before diving into the Q&A. Like basically everyone on the planet, he was impressed by Rafael Nadal's achievement in Paris.


Here are the questions the 26-year-old Juventus forward answered for his fans:

Q: Was there a player that made you fall in love with the game?

"The sport we watched the most was football, followed by tennis. I always had a lot of admiration and respect. I liked Roger Federer's style... I always tried do watch him play so I love tennis because of him."

Q: Are you friends with Diego Schwartzman?

"Yes, I have a great relationship with Diego. I've know him for a few years."

Q: Do you think tennis players would be good at football?

"I always believe high-performing players excel in several sports," (adding that he thinks Schwartzman, Dominic Thiem and Novak Djokovic would do well on the soccer pitch).

Q: What tennis major would you most like to travel to?

"All four Grand Slams are amazing. Roland Garros in Paris, because of the city, I think has something special."

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