WATCH: Simona Halep reveals she faces another doping ban hearing delay | The Break


Enough is enough, says Alize Cornet.

It’s been almost a year to the day since former world No. 1 Simona Halep last competed on the WTA Tour, having been charged with two counts of doping by the International Tennis Integrity Agency after testing positive for roxadustat at the 2022 US Open.

When the two-time Grand Slam winner was provisionally suspended in October, she maintained her innocence and expressed her desire to make her case before an independent tribunal. She finally had her chance to do so in May, but has been forced to wait again after the decision in her case has been delayed.

“Today I found out that the decision in my case, which was expected this week, will be further delayed,” Halep shared last week on Instagram Stories. “This is terribly disappointing, as I have consistently said that all I ask for is to be judged.

“It is hard to explain the emotional toll that all of these delays have had and continue to have on me.”

As she waits for the final ruling to come down, players like Cornet and John Millman have taken to social media to highlight the 31-year-old’s struggle—which has left Halep in “tennis purgatory” for over 11 months.

“Come on people, let's join forces. This is going way too far, and for far too long,” Cornet wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, while also tagging the accounts for the ITIA and International Tennis Federation.

“The tennis world just wants what’s fair. We want #JusticeFor Simona.”


Australia’s Ellen Perez urged WTA players to put themselves in Halep’s shoes and call on the organizations to come to a swift decision in Halep’s case.

“Irrelevant of if you believe Simona Halep is innocent or not, every athlete deserves a fair and timely trial,” Perez wrote on X. “How the ITIA and ITF is handling this is beyond poor.

“I urge other athletes to speak up, because if it was you in this situation you’d hope for the same.”


It’s a sentiment echoed by Millman, who called the situation “a disgrace”.

“I’m a little surprised more on the WTA, admin and players, haven’t come out condemning the process. It’s been a joke,” Millman wrote.

“Simona is in tennis purgatory due to constant delays in proceedings from the ITIA. Her colleagues should have her back and broadcast it in the public forum. Allowing her a proper and fair hearing.

“If you walked in her shoes you’d at least want that. Regardless of the findings.”

Halep lost to Ukrainian qualifier Daria Snigur in the first round of last year's US Open, her last match to date.