Last year, participation in tennis climbed 22% in the United States, according to the annual survey from the Physical Activity Council. It certainly makes perfect sense as it's one of the few sports that could still be played during the COVID-19 era.

Tennis may be one of the most ideal activities to practice social distancing, but that's not all the benefits the game has to offer. According to a recent EatingWell article, data from the Mayo Clinic Proceedings suggests that tennis can help people live stronger and longer.

After tracking more than 8,500 people for over 25 years, the data showcased that seven sports contributed to increased life expectancy for active participants compared to sedentary peers. Tennis was not only included in the seven sports that contribute to a healthier life, but it came in on top.


Tennis (9.7 years)


Badminton (6.2 years)


Soccer (4.7 years)


Cycling (3.7 years)


Swimming (3.4 years)


Jogging (3.2 years)


Calisthenics ( 3.1 years)

"Interestingly, the leisure-time sports that inherently involve more social interaction were associated with the best longevity—a finding that warrants further investigation," the researchers noted from their studies.

It may seem odd that sports that require more social interaction rank higher, but when taking a step back it makes perfect sense. Humans need social interaction and isolation can lead to mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety.

Combining both physical exercise and social interaction might just be the perfect match.