The life of a professional tennis player is far less glamorous than what you see on TV. Players endure thousands of hours of travel and even more down time waiting for matches and resting alone in their hotel rooms. Most players are watching Netflix, chatting with loved ones, napping or perhaps swiping left or right for hours and hours…

Enter Peter Polanksy, a 30-year-old Canadian ranked No. 128. In his downtime, he spends hours in cafes all across the world developing iOS gaming apps, from inception to release, by himself. His newest game is called Arcane Pets: A Plushie Empire, following Arcane Pets: A Plushie Story. Think Rollercoaster Tycoon for stuffed animals. You order raw materials to your factory, control the production process and sell the toys in your store.


He started out by drawing sketches on a napkin and seven months later, released the finished product.

Polanksy shares how
he created new game
app, Arcane Pets

Polanksy shares how he created new game app, Arcane Pets

"Sometimes my friends think I’m a little nuts for being able to pick up my computer and work at a cafe for four hours at a time," Polansky said. "I probably averaged around three to four hours a day working on the app."


One thing is for sure, Polansky’s off-court hobby is more productive than playing Fortnite for hours on end (See Jack Sock, Nick Kyrgios, Taylor Fritz and more).