Vasek Pospisil hasn't just been working on his serve and hosting skills, he's also been working on a new business venture. The 30-year-old Canadian is serving up organic mushrooms as a part of his recently launched Hekate brand.


"Over the past year, I’ve been working on something to help you maximize your performance," Pospisil wrote on Instagram. "My co-founders and I are excited to announce that HEKATE is finally here!"

The origin of Hekate comes from the Greek Goddess of magic, however there is no magic in these mushrooms. However, according to Pospisil, the health product does have the power to reduce inflammation and even boost your mood.

The brand offers a dietary supplement that uses organic mushrooms, lion's mane and reishi. The Star Power Adaptogenic Cocoa is 100 percent vegan and gluten free, and aims to strengthen the immune system, increase focus and alleviate stress.


The cocoa blend seems to be a favorite among coffee drinkers as they kick their day off with an immune and caffeine  boost.


"It is one of the first supplements I’ve ever taken that has had such a dramatic impact on my physical [and] mental performance and recovery," Pospisil said.

The world No. 93's nutritionist recommended functional mushrooms when he was recovering from back surgery and getting back onto the court. His comeback has been strong as he reached his second career final, in Montpellier, in February just before the shutdown and plans to pick back right where he left off in New York later this month.