If it was up to Coco Gauff, every day would be Halloween.

The American is gearing up for her second appearance at the WTA Finals, and though her favorite holiday traditionally falls during the season-ending event, the scheduling conflict is doing little to dampen Gauff's spirits.

"I've always been passionate about Halloween since I was a kid," Gauff said Saturday in her pre-event press conference in Cancun. "I always loved to dress up. I would do it, like, year-round. I've always talked about wanting to go to [do] cosplay, the conventions and all of that."

Though she's only been on the tennis tour for four years, Gauff's Halloween costumes already boast their own cult following in the sport and beyond. She routinely wears multiple costumes every year, and she's thrilled fans with elaborate recreations of Marvel characters like Thor and the Scarlet Witch, and the comic book characters Moon Knight and Raven from "Teen Titans" in the past.

But for Gauff, Halloween is at its best as a family affair, even if the rest of her crew begrudgingly participates.


Two years ago, she dressed up as Velma as the family did their best "Scooby-Doo" impressions—an effort Gauff recalls fondly as her favorite—and this year, the Gauffs tried their hand at being famous movie villains. Specifically? Fictional serial killers, at her insistence, because her youngest brother, Cameron, wanted to be Chucky from the film "Child's Play."

In addition to her "Nightmare on Elm Street" ensemble, Gauff's dad Corey did his best Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th, while her mom joined Cameron as Chucky and her other brother, Codey, was Ghostface from the "Scream" franchise.

"My brother wanted to be Chucky for Halloween," she said. "I said, 'We should all be fictional serial killers,' and that's what we did."


"With my family, honestly only three members of my family, or two, one actually, Cameron is the only one who is really keen to doing it. The rest I just kind of force to do it," she continued.

"We have some funny videos of us trying to get pictures together. My dad is fed up. Codey is fed up. They don't care about Halloween that much, but they do it for me. You can see their costumes are the least effort amount. This year they just had to put on a mask."

After she went a combined 0-6 in her WTA Finals debut last year in singles and doubles, will there be tricks or treats in store for the now-reigning US Open champion in Cancun?