WATCH: The moment Aryna Sabalenka became a Grand Slam champion at the 2023 Australian Open.


What’s in a best day ever? Aryna Sabalenka now has plenty to choose from after winning her first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, giving a shoutout to longtime boyfriend Konstantin Koltsov:

Q. You said this is the best day of your life. What was the best day of your life before now?_
ARYNA SABALENKA: I think when I met my boyfriend. I think he's going to watch this interview, so (blowing kisses)._

Sabalenka and Koltsov, a professional hockey player who once played for the NHL, became official in 2021 after the No. 5 seed was engaged in a previous relationship.

Koltsov will no doubt factor into Sabalenka’s extensive post-Slam-winning celebrations, both in Melbourne and at home in Miami.

“I will have some good pizza, of course, and a lot of sweets. Maybe a little bit of Champagne,” Sabalenka teased with flute in hand. “Cheers!”