HIGHLIGHTS: Gauff tops Stephens in all-American quarterfinal


Sloane Stephens lost to Coco Gauff on Tuesday at Roland Garros, 7-5, 6-2, sending the 18-year-old to her first Grand Slam semifinal. But there was no ill will from Stephens afterward; quite the contrary, as the 29-year-old appears to be more impressed with her compatriot than ever.

Depsite their age difference, Gauff and Stephens have been in each other's orbits for a while. They both worked with the same coach and are both, of course, American players. Stephens was asked about Gauff—who she has known since Coco was 10—four years ago, before her early breakout success, and Sloane's prediction has largely come true.

This quote, from Stephens, says a lot about what she has thought about Gauff for some time, and which continues to this day:

But that is not our Quote of the Day. No. Did you catch the follow-up question, about who Stephens thinks is the favorite in Gauff's upcoming semifinal against Martina Trevisan?

She backs Gauff. But really, you could also say that she does not back Trevisan.

To the videotape!


An Italian journalist asked an American player that question at a French tennis tournament, but I don't think anything was lost in translation.