Dunlop LX

The LX line—the L stands for Lite—completes Dunlop’s elements of the game series, joining the Control, Force and Spin franchises. As the name indicates, these are lightweight frames—hovering at just about 9 ounces unstrung—with oversized heads for extreme forgiveness. There are just two models: the LX 800 is a 110, while LX 1000’s 115 square-inch head offers an even larger sweet spot. Both frames possess extended length (27.5 inches) and a thick, extremely firm beams to produce maximum punch from a minimum swing. The 16x18 string pattern also provides ready access to spin.

With these types of specs, the racquets are intended for veteran players looking for lots of assistance from their racquets. Even though the beams have stiffness ratings hovering in the mid 70s, the larger hitting surface and wide string spacing makes for a comfortable hitting pocket. And Flex Touch Resin added to the graphite helps tame harsh vibrations.

One of our regular racquet testers gave the LX 1000 to one of his students—an 87 year-old former 4.5 player making a recent comeback after more than 25 years on the sidelines due to numerous joint surgeries. She loves the frame. Here's some of his feedback:

“Her current frame is a 105 sq. in., 10.2 oz. stick that is simply not maneuverable or powerful enough for her. With the LX 1000, she can actually drive the forehand and hit some pretty hard backhand slices. It has enough inherent power that if she can get the 115 sq. in. stringbed in front of the ball, volleys come off with plenty of pop for her level of seniors doubles. With her regular racquet, she can’t hit a ball higher than her chin without shoulder pain, but with this 9.5 oz. strung frame, high volleys and even overheads are possible.”

The “L” in the name could also stand for luxury. In addition to the high-end composition, both frames come with a full-length racquet case that easily fits up to two racquets, as well as small personal items. It also boasts a premium price tag ($299).

The Dunlop LX 800 and LX 1000 are currently available at tennis specialty retailers.