Head Prestige 2021

Few racquets conjure the image of a “player’s frame” quite like the Head Prestige. The sleek profile, controlled, surgical response, and the cap grommets all scream precision instrument. The latest entrant in the line, the Prestige 2021, marks the fifth decade that the seminal franchise carves a place in the tennis racquet landscape.

The specs of the frames remain virtually unchanged. The formula continues to be heightened precision and feel with the onus on the user to provide the lion’s share of the power. The biggest addition is Auxetic—a unique carbon fiber construction applied to the yoke of the frame designed to enhance the feel at impact, particularly on off-center hits. As with the past several generations, Graphene has been strategically placed around the hoop to give the frame added power and backbone.

Perhaps the newest aspect about the Prestige line is the name changes. In order to keep uniformity with the other Head silos, the Prestige models have swapped identities. The member of a Head family rated to have the lowest power level is generally given the “Pro” moniker. However, for the Prestige, this has typically been the MP. And, while that label has traditionally been known as Midplus, going forward it will be the “Main Performance” racquet in a line. Essentially it’s the member that will appeal to the widest swath of players.

Here’s the rundown:

Head Prestige 2021
Head Size
Beam Width
String Pattern
Prestige Pro
Prestige MP
98 sq. in.
11.3 oz.
1.3 in. HL
Prestige Tour
Prestige Pro
95 sq.in.
11.1 oz.
1 in. HL
Prestige MP
Prestige Tour
99 sq. in.
10.9 oz.
1 in. HL


Also different for this generation is the absence of the Mid model. The classic, 93 square-inch head is being phased out due to diminishing interest. With the emphasis on power and spin, the demands of playing with a smaller face has fallen out of fashion in today’s game, especially at the recreational level. So players still using that frame will need to stock up on the outgoing model.

Head recognizes the name changes could cause confusion in the Prestige community. However, it believes the temporary headache serves the long-term interest of streamlining the company’s system of racquet classification.

The Prestige 2021 is currently available for pre-sale, with an in-stock date slated for November 18. Check back in the coming weeks for more detailed reviews.