Tecnifibre TF-X1

When it comes to its racquets, Tecnifibre has generally appealed to accomplished players who put a premium on precision and control. The French brand’s T-Fight and TF40 series are both prime examples of frames for the discerning, high-performance crowd. However, this is a somewhat limited section of the tennis playing population. The widest swath of players want racquets that offer more of a boost in power and user-friendliness.

Enter the brand-new TF-X1 line.

While suitable for players of all ability levels, the racquet is designed to provide ample power, stability and forgiveness, in a comfortable, easy to use, eye-catching package.

There are three main technologies that deliver on the promise:

  • A rounder head shape (FrameErgonomy) with reinforced sections on the firm, constant 24mm beam. This construction imbues the racquet with its force and sturdiness at relatively low weights.
  • Isoflex, an innovative change to the racquet’s cross section—softer section on the longer strings; stiffer section on the shorter strings—to create a more consistent string flexibility and response despite the different lengths. This not only results in a juicier sweet spot, but more predictable results on off-center hits.
  • X-Damp technology in the handle. Like many offerings in this category, the TF-X1 is rather stiff. This combination of an elastomer surrounding stainless steel helps filter out the low frequency vibrations that can be more harmful to the arm while increasing comfort.
Tecnifibre TF-X1 300

Tecnifibre TF-X1 300


To meet the broadest range of players, there are three models comprising the initial launch of the line. The flagship frame is the 300g (10.6 oz.), which has the weight and 100 square-inch head size so coveted in this category. The 285g (10.1 oz.) frame is suited for juniors transitioning to an adult-sized racquet, or any player needing something more lightweight. And the 275g (9.7 oz.) is the lightest of the group and has a 105 square-inch head for even more forgiveness. All three are standard length and have spin-friendly 16x19 string patterns.

The TF-X1 line is currently available at tennis specialty retailers. Check back in the coming weeks for more detailed reviews.