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Price: $269
Head Size: 98 sq. in.
Length: 27 in.
Weight: 11.7 oz.
Balance: 6 pts. HL
Swingweight: 328
RA Rating: 64
Beam Width: 20 mm / 21.5 mm / 21 mm
String Pattern: 16x19

What’s New

As with the other frames in Head’s lineup, the Radical Pro has been given the Auxetic treatment. It’s not a new material but rather a carbon fiber construction in the yoke of the frame designed to create a more uniform and pleasing response at contact regardless of impact location on the string bed. It’s intended to be particularly beneficial on off-center hits. Graphene 360+ technology returns again, strategically placing Graphene around the hoop for power and stability, and combining it with Spiralfibers for an improved feel.

What Works

Ever since Head introduced Graphene to the Radical Pro, the feel of the racquet has been something of a dividing line. Putting more of the weight in the poles of the frame and hollowing out the throat has left the racquet with a response that’s more of an acquired taste. However, the addition of Auxextic to this latest generation results in a marked improvement in feedback and feel. It’s as solid and stable as ever, but with appreciable bumps in sweet spot size, comfort and ball-pocketing.

From a stroke perspective, this latest Radical is very much in step with its recent heritage. It’s the type of racquet that offers a little extra energy but has command enough to allow aggressive players to go after their shots with confidence. The sufficient swingweight gives strokes good plow through, yet the racquet remains quick enough to avoid feeling sluggish or cumbersome. The 16x19 string pattern favors directional control with just enough spin potential. So whether hitting offensive, dictating ground strokes to smaller targets, or counterpunching in protracted rallies, the versatility is readily available.

On serves, the frame accelerates easily through contact to summon plenty of pace. If desired, you can really rear back and nail flat first serves with a fair amount of accuracy. When second serves are required, a high kick can be dialed up to keep opponents at bay. Overall it's a very capable option for accomplished servers to start points on their terms.

Volleys and court craft are areas that probably benefit most from the improved response. It has a solid feel on punch volleys, sturdiness on off-center hits and enough flex to absorb and deflect hard shots with control. And while not in the category of an old school players frame, the Radical Pro holds its own on drop shots, angles and touch lobs as well as any modern racquet. It’s got the all-court bases well covered.

Head Radical Pro 2023

Head Radical Pro 2023

What Needs Work

There’s really nothing that rises above the level of a minor quibble. Being a Pro model, the frame naturally has higher demands. The thin beam delivers moderate power, owns a sweet spot on the smaller side and requires a healthy cut with clean contact to give the ball a ride. And given the higher static and swing weights, it takes some effort to wield.

And while the response is upgraded, there are times when the racquet can still feel a little sterile. This is most noticeable on volleys or shorter, slower swings that result in off-center contact. The racquet seems to react more positively and perform best when returning and delivering shots with pace.

Tester Feedback

“The feedback was always comfortable, which is not a term I’ve used to describe any of the prior Graphene Radical Pros.”

“Out of all the frames I’ve hit the past few months, the Radical Pro seemed to give me the most bang for my buck on the serve—a lot of pop with relatively little effort.”

“Still one of the best overall frames on the market for players that want something that leans toward a players frame but noticeably more forgiving.”

Final Verdict

The best-feeling Radical Pro in many generations remains one of the most reliably versatile performers for strong intermediate and advanced players.