WATCH: Tennis Channel Live discusses Serena at the 2022 US Open.


NEW YORK—It’s never too late to say “I’m sorry” or “Thank you,” and the latter is coming through in earnest as Serena Williams is set to begin her evolution away from tennis following the 2022 US Open.

The ATP posted two videos from Rafael Nadal and Pete Sampras saluting the 23-time Grand Slam champion with the hashtag #ThankYouSerena, with likely more videos to come.

“Thank you for all the amazing things you did for our sport, such an amazing ambassador,” said Nadal, whom Serena has often affectionally called her “booty sibling.”

“It’s been a huge honor to share almost all my tennis career with you, and honestly I have plenty of memories of you winning, playing, emotional moments. It has been a huge privilege, so all the best to you for your future life.

“Hopefully we can keep seeing each other around the tour. All the very best and see you soon.”


Williams won her second of six US Open titles in 2002, when Pete Sampras retired with a then-record-breaking 14 Grand Slam victories. Sampras was equally effusive in his video message:

“You are my idol, said the seven-time Wimbledon champion. “Congratulations on everything you’ve done in this game. It’s absolutely incredible and I’m actually in awe of everything you’ve accomplished from winning the majors to being No. 1. It’s so hard to stay on top for as long as you have.

“I have the utmost respect for you and how you’ve handled yourself on and off the court. It’s an inspiration, and you’re an icon.”

Check out the full videos and stay tuned for more!