Travis Kelce, the tennis fan? That's a touchdown.

As the pop star's chronically online fanbase continued to vet the NFL star's personality credentials last week, Kelce's old posts on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, went viral. While the two-time Super Bowl champion had takes on chain restaurants like Taco Bell, IHOP and Olive Garden, napping and squirrels in his past, one post in particular made its way to the tennis-watching corner of the internet.

On April 1, 2011, a then-21-year-old Kelce, at the time a junior at the University of Cinicnnati, was glued to the Miami Open semifinal between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

"#nw #Nadal vs #Federer Get your tennis game up!!!" Kelce wrote, using the hashtag for the phrase "now watching" that was pervasive in the stream-of-conciousness posting prevalent on the platform a decade ago.


But Kelce's been in the spotlight in tennis before. Six years ago, for example, Chiefs fan Jack Sock said he'd love to play doubles with the tight end, calling him "funny," and "a character and outgoing."

"I think we'd have a good time whether we win or lose," Sock, who was raised in Kansas City, said.

"Let’s do some work! My game takes after John McEnroe," Kelce responded the time, "I’ll make sure the official feels our intensity all match!"


And this summer at the US Open, was Novak Djokovic inspired by Kelce's signature celebration? The tournament's official social media account certainly thought so. After Djokovic defeated Taylor Fritz in the quarterfinals on the way to his 24th Grand Slam singles title, Djokovic grabbed the microphone in his on-court interview to croon lyrics from the Beastie Boys' hit, "Fight For Your Right."

The Beastie Boys' tune is Kelce's signature pump-up song. It has since become a rallying cry for Chiefs fans, too, and Kelce routinely quotes the song in interviews after big victories—including after his first Super Bowl victory in 2020, where he changed the word "party" to "Lombardi" in the song's chorus, in reference to the NFL's Vince Lombardi trophy given to the Super Bowl champions.

Will we see Kelce (and/or Swift) at a tennis match in 2024? For the sake of the content, let's hope so.