The $20 million man? Spanish sports website Relevo is reporting that Carlos Alcaraz has inked a new contract extension with Nike, and it isn't coming with just an annual eight-figure price tag.

Relevo reports that the ink dried on Alcaraz's new deal, which will also come with the eventual unveiling of his own custom logo, before he won his third career Grand Slam title at Roland Garros last weekend. It was a win that made him the youngest man to capture major titles on all three surfaces in the Open Era, and also pushed him over $30 million in career earnings.

The terms of the deal are, for now, unknown, but the report, also published in Sports Business Journal, claims that it will extend into the middle of the 2030s, and that the contract may net Alcaraz an estimated $15 to $20 million annually.

Alcaraz has been sponsored by Nike since 2019, having previously worn Lotto apparel, and his previous contract with Nike was set to run through 2025. In March, the Spaniard visited the brand's famous Portalnd, Ore. campus, and after winning Roland Garros, was photographed with Ruben Zrihen, Nike's global marketing director for its tennis division.


Alcaraz's reported Nike extension follows a similarly-loaded extension that Jannik Sinner signed with the sportswear brand in 2022, which clocked in at 10 years and $158 million total, making the two young stars the joint faces of the brand in men's tennis. Sinner also has his own logo, a fox-inspired icon that debuted in 2021.

According to Forbes, Alcaraz was the second-highest earning tennis player last year, hauling in $31.4 million in on- and off-court earnings. Ahead of last year's US Open, he signed a seven-year extension with the racquet company Babolat, and also has had lucrative deals with Rolex, BMW, Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton, among others.