The wonderful world of tennis and all its beauty is on the rise on social media, but more specifically on Instagram. It seems as if every day a new account appears offering a whole new perspective of the game.

Take "The Courts", a one-of-a-kind tennis facility in the middle of the California desert gleaming in aesthetic sunshine, or "Phetru", the creator of the shrinking hype. Now, there's another account gaining traction.

Graphic designer Ricardo Acosta is coming in hot with his brilliantly-detailed designs of the world's top professional players. Most recently, Roger Federer announced he will miss the remainder of the 2021 season due his lingering right knee injury, which requires a third surgery. Acosta wished the 20-time major champion a speedy recovery through his stunning artwork.


Fellow '20 club' members Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are also widely represented throughout the collection. Who can't appreciate Acosta's take on Djokovic as Spider-Man?

The freelancer doesn't have a website just yet but he does have a Linktree in his bio leading to If fans want to support him, the key to unlocking more art is a cup of joe.

Acosta has just over 5k followers on the platform. Like the champions he depicts, that number will only skyrocket.