Kanye West is a lot of things. Talented. Iconic. Rich. Currently blond. Friend of Trump.

He's also given to braggadocio, as with most any rapper. Thus he cued up something of a Michael Jordan jab in announcing via Twitter how well his Yeezy brand's shoes sell, and Andy Roddick wasn't having it. The retired American star, who the record shows posted a 3-21 career record against Roger Federer, delivered yet another in a long line of self-deprecating, golden tweets:


West's statements about Jordan quickly become something of a squaring off between Adidas (Yeezy) and Nike (Jordan Brand), and it's difficult to say what the precise financial figures are, as revenue for each is more or less baked into the parent brand's earnings releases.


That said, GQ magazine fact-checked the rapper's series of tweets, and did note that Jordan Brand took in $3.1 billion in 2017. The mag also asked a Cowen retail analyst about the veracity of West's declaration. His answer: "No."

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