Nobody overshadows the Grand Tour of Switzerland. Not Roger Federer. Not Anne Hathaway. Not even Federer and Hathaway together.

The 20-time major champion and Oscar winner co-starred in an amusing promotion for Switzerland Tourism. The scene is set with the duo reviewing the cut of the commercial in the editing room.

Hathaway asks Federer: “Can you see anything?”

Replied the Swiss, “Mmm… Not sure.”

“We look like ants,” quipped Hathaway.


Soon, the two discover there are no closeups, no action shots, nothing to suggest their “electric” chemistry is actually on-screen. Only wide shots were used, confirmed the director to Federer.

After realizing their work, which included synchronized swimming in a lake and parkouring over a glacier, the two were left baffled. At one stage, Federer was praised for his abs. The 40-year-old responded, “Abs? You can’t see a thing,” with confusion.

This campaign line was then suggested. “The Grand Tour, even more majestic than Roger Federer’s abs.”

Hathaway and Federer left the room for a break, when the American was unimpressed with the suggestion to join the project. “Next time, call Meryl,” she said.

“Well, we did. She passed,” Federer revealed.

On Wednesday, the Basel native uploaded another training update showcasing his progress with footwork drills. Federer has been on the mend after undergoing a third surgery on his right knee last August.