WATCH: Federer took a trip to Tokyo for a UNIQLO event before arriving in London for Wimbledon tea.


Grand Slam ushers are not to be messed with: I went to high school with one pulled no punches when manning a US Open suite, not even when Billie Jean King herself arrived without a credential.

Roger Federer endured a similar experience, he told host The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, during a spur-of-the-moment trip to Wimbledon last month when traveling to London for a second opinion for his knee.

“The doctor’s appointment was done, I looked at the watch and saw we had two hours to kill, so we thought we could have tea at Wimbledon,” explained the 20-time Grand Slam champion, fresh off his emotional Laver Cup retirement at the O2 Arena. “I’ve never really been to Wimbledon when the tournament isn’t on, so I drove up to the gate, where guests usually come in. My coach was with me at the time, and go up to the security lady like, ‘I got this.’ But I did not!

“She asked me if I had a membership card… I honestly didn’t know anything about a membership card; it’s probably at home, somewhere. I told her I didn’t have the card but I am a member, and I was just wondering how to get in…She tells me, ‘You can get in on the side, but you have to be a member.’”

In the absence of a membership card, the Swiss star tried the proverbial Roger Federer Card.

“I’m in a panic now, and I feel so bad about this but I look at her and say, ‘I’ve won this tournament eight times. Please believe me, I am a member. Where do I get in?’

“We go out and around, get out of the car, and another security person is walking around the walkway and goes, ‘Mr. Federer! I can’t believe you’re here. Can we get a selfie?’ I thought of going back around to give a wave to let [the other guard] know I was in but I didn’t!”

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