Fedal reunites for a new chapter!

It’s one told by Louis Vuitton for their storied “Core Values” campaign. And who better to capture Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal together again than a GOAT herself in Annie Leibovitz?

The luxury brand writes, the pair of tennis icons “embark on a journey of ambition, devotion, and discovery.” The scene: Italy’s stunning Dolomites.

“I don’t think he’s aware of what’s gonna hit him,” Federer says in a behind-the-scenes clip.


Standing at the summit together, the backdrop is symbolic of Fedal’s shared voyage—two competitors who climbed the proverbial mountain side-by-side in reaching new heights.

Leave it to Nadal to flex his biceps while rocking a t-shirt in the cold conditions. For that particular shot, Federer opted for a longer-sleeved look. Both donned Vuitton backpacks while looking into the distance.

The Swiss and Spaniard also parked themselves on a Vuitton trunk for a conversation. The two layered up to counter the conditions present.

“I am not used to the snow like Roger. I don’t feel my ears, but I am enjoying a lot the shooting and I’m having fun,” laughed Nadal.

“I think it embodies, here, everything. We’re sitting here on the peak of the mountain. I’m very proud and happy of my career and playing days, but I’m also so happy it’s over,” Federer reflected.

“Obviously also Rafa has reached his peak and tennis immortality with his career. I think being out in the elements in a complicated situation is one we’ve had to endure for over 20 years. Doing the photo shoot together, for us, is definitely very meaningful and special.”


Asked if either recalled their first meeting, Federer admitted, “I don’t.”

Nadal helped refresh his memory, sharing that it was after Federer won his first Wimbledon title in 2003.

“I was nice to you, or?” asked the 20-time major winner.

“A little bit arrogant,” joked Nadal, holder of 22 Grand Slam trophies, before the tandem broke out into laughter.

“Honestly, you were super nice. I was just arriving on the tour. I was super shy to talk to you.”

Being out in the elements in a complicated situation is one we’ve had to endure for over 20 years. Doing the photo shoot together for us definitely very meaningful and special. —Roger Federer

Federer reminisced about seeing Nadal in Monte Carlo for the first time that same year, but the “special” moment for him was when the left-hander made a big splash at his expense by winning their encounter at the 2004 Miami Open.

“Rafa, with his playing sty;e and attitude on court at a young, young age, was not like everybody else. You could feel it was something special coming for sure.”

Vuitton debuted the Core Values campaign in 2007. Muhammad Ali, Steffi Graf and Sean Connery are among the past household names to take part.

As Federer and Nadal have shown on and off the court in joining the Vuitton legacy, “There are Journeys that turn into Legends.”