WATCH: Murray played what will likely be one of the best matches of 2023 against Kokkinakis in the second round.


Is this what they mean when they say “Tennis is alive?”

The sport continues to form a tight grip on pop culture, from the Break Point docuseries on Netflix to a decidedly niche headline making its way to Saturday Night Live for this week’s Weekend Update.

“Tennis star Andy Murray was upset after an umpire at the Australian Open refused to let him take a bathroom break during a five-set long match,” reports Colin Jost. “Worse: it was deuce.”

The former world No. 1 was indeed refused a break at 3 a.m. in the middle of his second-round classic against Thanasi Kokkinakis, and was vocal in expressing his discontent to umpire Eva Asderaki-Moore.

“It’s a joke…and it’s disrespectful to you, the ball children, to the players, that we’re not allowed to go to the bathroom.”

Might something in the second week of the season’s first major qualify for another SNL cameo? If Jessica Pegula or one of the myriad American men pull out a title in Melbourne, best ready your petition so she can host the long-running late-night show.