It’s not often tennis players are home to use their kitchen given all the time spent on the road.

So that begs the question: can anyone cook on tour?

Your eggs-pectations for Taylor Fritz may or may not take a hit after watching a clip that has made the rounds on Twitter.


In it, the 25-year-old and girlfriend Morgan Riddle are preparing a meal together. Reviewing a recipe, Riddle shares, “we’re supposed to tenderize the chicken breast?”

Fritz responds, “Do we have a tenderizer?”

Given he’s accustomed to gripping a handle, a meat mallet would have been a handy tool. But that apparently was not an available resource.

Upon hearing “no”, Fritz’s instincts led him to take matters into his own hands—just perhaps not in the way expected.

“Like, punch it?” the American inquired before proceeding to pound his right fist into the meat.

“Taylor's coach seeing Taylor use his right hand (his racquet hand) punch a chicken to ‘tenderizer’ it,” pointed out Twitter user @andreyrublevs with a fitting complementary meme.

Some defended Fritz, others were horrified. And there were even reactions believing Riddle set him up.

The plot certainly chickens!