In one honest moment during their real and genuine conversation, Sean Holcomb-Jones told Kamau Murray exactly why he decides to don what he considers his classic fashion look. "When I'm out in the field, I think it's more important for me to be dressed in a hoodie and a fitted hat, because a kid is gonna see that and be like, 'Oh that's this guy at older? I could be that and I want to be that.'"

Sean Holcomb-Jones is a well-respected member of the tennis community, and as a former collegiate tennis player and coach it's no secret why the USTA came calling to seek his expertise. In a powerful chat with Murray on the Podcast, the current Manager of the Excellence Program discussed the biggest challenge in American youth tennis right now: attracting the best athletes. But it's not as simple as just attracting talented kids to pick up a racket, you also have to keep them in the program and set them up for success.


Murray, who's no stranger to improving and growing the sport, also added that it's important to distinguish the difference between teaching and coaching, and brought up several examples of talented tennis players who opted for other developmental opportunities outside of America. Nevertheless, both agreed that well-rounded athletes are important, for the main reason of keeping the options open as a child progresses in athletics.

The Podcast never fails to inform, educate and entertain. Murray and Holcomb-Jones are two tennis professionals who walked the walk in terms of growing the game and attracting young players from every part of the country to pick up a racket and begin a new sporting journey. But don't just take my word for it, listen to these two friends tell it like it is.