Sebastian Korda wasn't on the court this weekend but rather the course. That's right, for a day he switched from professional tennis player to a professional golf caddie. Korda served in the role for father and former ATP world No. 2 Petr Korda during the PNC Championships in Orlando. His sister Nelly Korda, the current world No. 1 on the Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings, also played alongside the two.

The family didn't do too shabby, they wrapped up the event in the 12th position and managed to not make a bogey across two rounds of golf.

“I had the easy job," Sebastian told "I only caddied six holes on the back nine and Nelly's caddie Jason [McDede] was helping me out. I’ve never been inside the ropes during the tournament and was really cool to hear what they talk about before each and every shot.“

Not only did the family have a great time on the course together, they were also in good company and had the opportunity to meet Tiger Woods and snap photos with the 15-time major champion. Nelly walked right up to the golf legend and introduced Sebastian to him. Woods was surprised to see Sebastian at the tournament instead of training for the upcoming Australian Open.


“What’s up big guy? Aren’t you supposed to be practicing?," Woods asked.

Sebastian described the experience of meeting Woods as "unbelievable" and also said he is one of their family's all-time favorite athletes.

"Meeting Tiger was unbelievable. He was so nice. He's probably our family’s favourite athlete. Any time he would play a tournament, we were all glued to the TV," he said.

The 21-year-old is set to make his 2022 debut in Adelaide. He is currently ranked No. 41.