Serena Williams' schedule is loaded with training sessions, managing her jewelry and fashion companies, and of course, being a mom. But what does the 23-time major champion do when she has a second to spare? Serena grabs a Nintendo Switch.

Serving up aces and commanding the court in "Mario Tennis Aces" is how she relaxes while still tuning into her competitive spirit.


"Where you’ll find me in between training, meetings, and mom-ing: cozying up with my Nintendo Switch," Serena says. "When I have those few minutes, it’s such a great way to unwind."

Nintendo currently offers the Switch and the Switch Lite which is solely for handheld play. However, it appears that the world No. 11 prefers the standard Switch, so she can choose between TV, tabletop and handheld mode.

"Whether she's commanding the courts in the 'Mario Tennis Aces' game, throwing hooks in' Fitness Boxing 2', or showing off her dance moves in 'Just Dance 2', Serena always strives to win. Nintendo Switch helps her stay on top of her game," Nintendo wrote on Instagram.

The Switch iscurrently priced at $299, while the Switch Lite is at $199.


With the uncertainty of when the 2021 will begin and the chance of it being delayed, this gives Serena more time to perfect her video game skills.