It was Gucci everything for Serena Williams who wore a pink ombre cape and star-studded bodysuit to the Met Gala on Monday. Well, maybe not everything, the 23-time Grand Slam champion made room for her very own jewelry collection.

Serena stopped by to chat with mega YouTuber, Emma Chamberlain who was reporting on the event on behalf of Vogue.

"This is so incredibly fun," Chamberlain said to Serena as she asked her to come closer to the camera to really capture the entirety of the detailed look. The moment between the two stars was intriguing to watch—both are from vastly different backgrounds, but excellent in their respective fields. Chamberlain who started filming YouTube videos in high school for fun back in 2016 is now rolling in a net worth of $12 million. And Serena, well she's one of the best players to ever set foot on a tennis court.

Chamberlain loved that Serena was wearing her very own jewelry collection and wanted to know what jewelry meant to the major champion.


"Jewelry is everything! Diamonds are a girls best friend, I can definitely say that is true. And this outfit is amazing, I'm wearing a bodysuit and leggings, so it's definitely different and I just wanted to push the envelope per usual," Serena said.

The 20-year-old YouTube star is a fan of how Serena pushes fashion both on and off the court.

"It needs to be pushed right? You know I like to have fun with fashion on and off the court. It can't just be on the court," Serena told Chamberlain.

During the interview, Chamberlain looked to be in awe of the 39-year-old and constantly let out "Amen," while Serena provided her some details on her overall look and beyond. No word as when the former No. 1 will be returning to the court as she is still recovering from a hamstring injury and missed this year's US Open because of it.