What happens when you get live TV and on demand...together? Well viewers might not only get to see Serena Williams out vying for championships, but they also may see her become Wonder Woman. That's at least what DIRECTV STREAM promises.

The latest commercial for the cable company's new feature starts off with a customer showing his wife how he can tune into both a Serena Williams live tennis match while watching Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot on demand. However, while he flips back and forth things start taking a turn, quickly Gadot glitches and Serena takes over like never before.

Switching from the court to an indoor mall cafeteria, the 23-time Grand Slam champion battles vicious ball machines by taking balls out of the air and crushing swinging volleys at the machines that resemble droids from Star Wars. As people scatter and frantically run, Serena is calm and collected as she gracefully takes the enemies down all on her own.


Former No. 1 John McEnroe also appears in the epic commercial spot for a brief moment. Carrying a dining tray with food he just purchased, he tries to find a place to sit but it's just a little too chaotic. Serena sends a forehand directly at one of the machines, but the tennis ball grazes McEnroe's food, sending it to the floor.

"You cannot be serious," McEnroe says as he drops the tray in frustration.

Standing tall, the world No. 22 dons the iconic golden tiara, deep blue star-covered shorts and red bustier. Was that the movie? The couple sits on the sofa in utter disbelief before the wife says: "maybe that was the director's cut?"

According to DIRECTV it's the best of both worlds when you can watch live TV and on demand, and they could be right.

Serena will not be vying for her record-tying 24th Grand Slam title at this year's US Open, due to an on-going hamstring injury.