Subway’s new ad for their “Eat Fresh Refresh” campaign features so many new ingredients, and so many sports stars to tell you about it. Enter: Stephen Curry, Serena Williams, Megan Rapinoe, and Tom Brady.

The ad highlights the wide array of Subway’s new additions, from customization and curbside pickup to smashed avocado and hickory smoked bacon. It's actually the company's largest menu update in five plus decades with 20 core items being added. There's just so many new ingredients to cover in one commercial, that in order to really explain it all they brought in four of the most notable sport stars to talk about them.

However, even with four spokespersons it's just not enough time.

As Curry, Williams, Rapinoe, and Brady continuously attempt to present Subway’s best, they continuously get interrupted by the narrator and each other. And while the ad picks up the pace, the chaos and the hilarious lines pick up as well.

When Brady comments on a sandwich, Curry asks, “Do you even eat bread?”

The football star replies, “Steph, it’s a commercial.”

And as the celebrity cameos get cut off, Williams still slips in a few sassy side comments.

“Seriously? I didn’t even get to finish!” Cue the eye roll.

All in all, four of the world’s best athletes vying to talk about fresh mozzarella and oven roasted turkey is everything we didn’t know we needed in an advertisement. The unprecedented campaign is one of the largest investments in the company's history.