The 84th edition of the Masters is coming up soon. To prepare, 2017 champion Sergio Garcia honed his game by playing in his first pro tournament. The former PGA No. 2 teamed up with his friend and former world No. 60 Amer Delic for the H-E-B Men's UTR Pro Tennis Open DropShot doubles tournament in Austin.

"Physically it's going to help me for sure," Garcia said. "But I mean I've played tennis my whole life so it doesn’t hurt my game, which is great. I don't know if it’s the perfect warmup for Augusta, but I play very often."


Garcia and Delic lost on Thursday to local junior players Cole Burnam and Ethan Silva, 6-3, 7-6 (8). Burnam is a four-star recruit from Dallas, while Silva is a five-star recruit from Harlingem, Texas. While Garcia will not be switching sports anytime soon, the local juniors were surprised with Garcia’s level of play.

“Sergio was a lot better than we anticipated,” Silva said. “He has great volleys and a great serve, it was an honor to meet him let alone play tennis against him.”

Judging by past video evidence, Garcia certainly knows his way around a tennis court.


“I was surprised with how good his tennis game was,” Burnam said. “He had great hands at the net.”

A few of Garcia’s golf antics even found their way to the tennis court.

“It was funny, he would clear every piece of grass and leaf off the court, like he does on the putting green," Buranm said. "He was an emotional player and a big-time grunter.”

Sergio Garcia hits 
the tennis court 
with Amer Delic

Sergio Garcia hits the tennis court with Amer Delic


(From left to right)Garcia pictured with Delic, Burnam and Silva.

In doubles, you are only as good as your partner, and it turned out that Garcia was the weakest link, as the huge-serving Delic was unable to carry his pal to victory.

"Obviously, it was an amazing experience," Garcia said. "For me, I’m a competitor and I love competing, it doesn’t matter which sport it is. We had great time. It was a really nice match."

Garcia will first compete in Houston and then grace your televisions in two weeks when he aims to win his second Masters Tournament.