It's no secret that Chelsea Handler is a fan of Maria Sharapova's, and the two have become fast friends (playing tennis together, traveling to Mexico and sharing special birthday wishes). This week, the former No. 1 finally made her appearance in the comedian's Netflix show, aptly titled Chelsea.


Handler goes on a visit to Russia where she teams up with the five-time Grand Slam champion. The duo discuss smoked fish and the weather (which are both bleak), before going to work out with some very impressive rhythmic gymnasts.

One of the best moments of the episode is when the dancers explain that the Russian federation pays for their training, and Sharapova responds with "You're lucky. They didn't pay sh*t for me."

And then at dinner, Sharapova teaches Handler, a very experienced vodka guzzler, how to drink.

"You can only drink it out of a very small glass," Sharapova says.


Sharapova is surprisingly candid and witty on the talk/reality show, and seeing her face is refreshing after months of doping scandal news and rumors. She has been missing from on-court action after receiving a two-year ban for failing a drug test for meldonium at the Australian Open.

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