Love means something to these tennis players. Less than a month after announcing their breakup, Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas have apparently rekindled their romance.

Tsitsipas, the 2021 Roland Garros men's finalist, confirmed the reunion with Greek news outlet SDNA in the days leading up to the start of the clay-court major this week. After Badosa issued a statement on social media announcing the end of the couple's nearly-year long romance, rumors started swirling about a possible reunion for the couple as they were photographed holding hands in Monte Carlo and eating dinner together in Paris.

"We have shared a journey filled with love and learning, and it is as friends with immense mutual respect that we now choose to move forward on our own paths," Badosa wrote on social media just three weeks ago. She later told's David Kane at the Intenazionali BNL d'Italia that Tsitsipas might've been the "right person ... [at] the wrong moment."

In speaking to reporter Vicky Georgatou, Tsitsipas revealed he was the one who made the decision to split initially, but upon reflection, realized that romance he had with Badosa was special.


"Paula didn’t do anything wrong, nor did I do anything wrong," Tsitsipas explained. "It was hard for us being apart and I was going through some hard times too. I would say that I didn't manage it very well either, because I was feeling the pressure of the tour, of my work. It seemed like a mountain to combine these two, and I made the decision to take a break.

"After two, three weeks I realized that she is a person who has supported me a lot and when she tried to talk to me about meeting I felt how intense the love we have for each other is. I realized that this relationship I have with Paula is completely different from any other relationship I have had in the past.

"I feel that she is my person and we understand each other; that puts more value in everything I do and I want her by my side as often as possible. So yes, we've reconnected and we're in a good moment.”

Tsitsipas dubbed Badosa 'my person' in detailing the process of their reunion.

Tsitsipas dubbed Badosa 'my person' in detailing the process of their reunion.


In her own pre-tournament press conference on Saturday, Badosa said that Tsitsipas had said it all as far as detailing their reunion, and that the couple might take a more low-key approach to their second chapter.

"The relationship is working very well now," Badosa said. "He already explained. I have nothing else to say.

"I think one of the things that I didn't like or we didn't like is that it was very public, so now we want to keep things a little bit more on our own. I still understand that it's not going to be easy because we are two public people, public person, and people will ask, but we want to keep it more for ourselves because it's never easy to combine our careers to that.

"Let's just try to keep it simple for both of us, because I think it helps and it's healthier."

Badosa and Tsitsipas went public with their romance last year and the power couple was quickly dubbed 'Tsitsidosa' by fans and media alike. The very-public phase of their romance saw them watching each others’ matches, posing for high-fashion photos shot by Radka Leitmeritz, and even going so far as to launch a joint Instagram account that, for a time, chronicled behind-the-scenes snapshots of their relationship.