Gel Resolution 9
  • Price: $145 (buy here)
  • Weight: 14.1 oz. (men’s 9); 12.7 (women’s 7)
  • Size Run: 6-13, 14, 15 (men); 5-12 (women)

What’s New

The upper on the Gel Resolution 9 has an alternating checkerboard pattern of mesh and resin in the vamp. It’s arranged in a fashion to create a better fit around the forefoot during dynamic motions. Dynawall, introduced in the previous generation, is designed to be a backstop during lateral movement. The shape has been updated to extend from the medial side to the heel for improved stability in the back the shoe, and gain more ground force reaction. And the AHAR outsole is segmented by a groove from the heel through the lateral forefoot to provide a larger contact area for smoother landings.

What Works

For more than 15 years, the Gel Resolution has distinguished itself and attracted a wide audience thanks to its rock-solid stability and support. There are shoes that are lighter, others with a softer feel, but few shoes can match its all-around performance. And the tinkering done to the ninth installment of the franchise does nothing to disparage its status as one of the most dependable models on the market.

From a design perspective, the full-length Flexion Fit upper’s new checkerboard pattern and urethane covering flexes with the foot during movement for a contoured fit and enhanced support. It also has a seamless construction to avoid rubbing or irritation. And the Personal Heel Fit provides two layers of memory foam to the collar lining for the dual purpose of plusher padding and a tailored fit.

The overall fit remains similar to its predecessor, with perhaps some subtle improvements. The shoe runs true to length and has a friendly cut that will suit most foot types outside of those players needing a particularly wide forefoot. In earlier editions, the front of the shoe would often narrow and the material around the forefoot bubble when the laces were tied tightly. But that’s been asked and answered.

The more expansive Dynawall technology does a solid job of strengthening the shoe during side-to-side movements. Same goes for the redesigned Dynawrap, a clever take on a lacing system. There are two “straps”—one connects the lateral edge to the medial lace and vice versa. As pressure is applied on the lateral side, it pulls the medial lace to create a secure, almost customized feel. For players with narrower feet, this also allows for a more locked-in fit. The result is lots of confidence and dependability in and out of breaks and moving in any direction across the court. There’s a feeling that whatever situation calls for, the Gel Resolution will be up to the task.

Midsole cushioning consists of a full bed of FlyteFoam, combined with Gel padding under the ball of the foot, as well as the heel. It’s not overly cushy, but certainly comfortable enough and superb at its primary objective: shock absorption. It eats up harsh hard court landings, and creates decent bounce into the next stride.

The AHAR Plus outsole has been revamped with a channel through the heel for more secure landings and stopping power. The three pivot points—mainstays on the shoe—promote easier transitions during movement. And the six-month guarantee is always a welcome bonus.

Women's Asics Gel Resolution 9

Women's Asics Gel Resolution 9


What Needs Work

The Gel Resolution has lost some of its bulk over the years—it’s 20 grams lighter than the previous model—and is nimble for its dimensions, but it’s still no lightweight. This is more a point of order than a knock, as some mass comes with the territory when a shoe is sturdy and protective. Even with efforts to increase its quickness, it remains more workhorse than sprinter. Which will be perfectly acceptable for its audience.

Along those lines, the padding in the heel is dense and it can take a few court sessions to get the heel to sink into the shoe. Until that happens, it’s not quite as responsive. However, this ceases to be any issue once it molds to the foot and has more of lived-in feel.

Final Verdict

Gel Resolution fans will not be disappointed by this most recent update. If you're looking for a shoe with high-end stability and support, look no further.