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Price: $140 (Purchase now at

Weight: 12.9 oz. (men’s 10.5); 10.8 oz. (women’s 8.5)
Size Run: 7-12, 13, 14 (men); 5-10, 11 (women)
Outsole Warranty: None

What’s New

K-Swiss has support, comfort and stability models in the Ultrashot and Hypercourt lines, and now the Speedtrac gives the brand a lightweight entry focused on quick movement. The mesh upper surrounds a bootie construction for a locked-in, glove-like fit. Surge 7.0 midsole cushioning is comfortable and responsive with a low-to-the-ground profile. An innovative tread pattern on the Dragguard 7.0 rubber outsole provides the adaptable traction desired by modern movers.

What Works

As the name implies, the Speedtrac is designed to encourage fast footwork. And when a shoe has that intention, there needs to be some compromises to keep it trim and nimble—a little less padding here, not as much support there. Done right and it’s an attractive gameday shoe; done poorly and it’s relegated to dog walking duties. The Speedtrac manages to split-step this fine line rather impressively.

Unlike some of the boxier models from K-Swiss, the Speedtrac has a more tapered cut. It’s still fairly open in the forefoot so the toes can spread on contact, but the full-bootie construction gives the foot more of a noticeable squeeze. The shoe has a wide opening and pull loops on the heel and tongue flap can stretch it out further, so there’s no issue getting it on.

The mesh upper is flexible and adapts well to all manner of movements. It has something of a slipper design that could be found in a minimalist training shoe, but feels more substantial in action. A barebones support cage that’s connected to the lacing is the primary security provider. Integrated loops stand in for the first four eyelets and afford easy cinching for good support.

K-Swiss Men's Speedtrac

K-Swiss Men's Speedtrac

The heel counter is high, which I have found can hamper lockdown, but that isn’t the case at all. The collar is well-padded and has a textile lining that helps keep the foot in position. There is zero sagging and it feels totally connected to the foot.

Throw in the feathery feel—my size 12 checked in at an unusually lean 13.8 oz.—and it’s one speedy shoe. Comfortable, too. The Surge 7.0 midsole cushioning punches well above the shoe’s low weight. It feels plush right out of the box, soaks up shock and has good energy return into the next step. All while keeping the foot close to the court and highly responsive.

In motion, the 180 PSC midfoot shank integrated into the outsole provides structure and support during aggressive movement. The shoe shifts gears and directions efficiently—the outsole is rounded with no lateral flange, so it’s easier to transition smoothly from the edges when making sharp turns. There’s no hesitation to fly around the court after every shot.

The unique “SpeedTraction” tread of the outsole has a nice balance of grip and give. There’s enough traction so that small adjustment steps and staccato movement are squeaky and secure. Yet sliders can extend out relatively smoothly when the shot requires it. And the protected toe cap and durawrap reinforcement on the medial side of the upper bolster durability for draggers and sliders.


K-Swiss Women's Speedtrac

K-Swiss Women's Speedtrac

What Needs Work

Typical of this category of shoes, the Speedtrac isn’t loaded with support and cushioning. Meaning there’s inherently less assistance for heavy or uncertain movers. And since players can really get out on the edges when stretched wide, the Speedtrac is probably best for players who are nimble and confident in their footwork.

Also, some outsoles with modified herringbone designs have all-court potential, but the Speedtrac seems much better-suited to only hard courts. The wavy grooves formed by the circular and checkerboard pattern doesn’t appear to have any outlets for clay to slide through. In damp conditions there could be significant build-up, making traction more of an issue. It would be great to see a future generation offered in a clay-court model.

Bottom Line

If speed kills, then the K-Swiss Speedtrac makes you feel downright lethal. Lightweight shoe enthusiasts should definitely consider this one when looking for their next pair.