From defensive comebacks to between-the-leg miracles, insane shots are made every week that make the fans gasp and cheer. Every week, we will take a look at what we feel is the hottest shot of the week. Plays so sizzling you can practically see the smoke off the racquet.

This is Sizzling Shots:


Cameron Norrie - ATP Cup

Most of the time, when a player is running along the baseline, they aren't winning the point. It's difficult for any player to turn defense into offense. However, the world No. 12 did just that against Felix Auger-Aliassime.

The Brit was facing the Canadian in the group stage of the ATP Cup in Sydney when Norrie suddenly found himself on the run. Back and forth he ran along the baseline, with Auger-Aliassime confidently in control of the point. In a last ditch effort, Norrie lobbed the ball to find breathing room. It worked, shifting the momentum back in his favor before spiking the return and winning the point. Even the announcer was flabbergasted.

Norrie eventually lost the match to Auger-Aliassime, but he played some impressive tennis.